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Camping Key Europe

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Discounts with Camping Key Europe card

Camping Key Europe (CKE) cardholders will receive discounts at camping sites and holiday villages on camping fees, cottage accommodation and extra services. Camping Key Europe is family-specific and part of the camping site reception system designed to ease reception formalities.

Camping Key Europe card includes an accident insurance in Europe for the whole family

A valid Camping Key Europe card includes an accident insurance for the whole family by SOLID Försäkringar insurance company. The insurance covers a customer checked-in at a Finnish Campingsite Association’s member site and his/her family (one or two adults and children of the family). Note! The insurance is also valid in Finland and Europe when not on camping site holidays!

How does the card work?

You can purchase the card right away from our online store. The cards are also sold by the approximately 150 Finnish Campingsite Association’s member sites across the country. You can purchase a temporary CKE card with the annual validation stamp at the first camping site you visit. The card is valid for one calendar year. The benefits listed on our website are valid till the end of 2013. A valid CKE card grants you camping fee credit, allowing you to pay your fees at the end of your visit. The credit only applies to camping fees, whereas cottage rents are usually paid upon arrival.

Delivery time

When purchasing the card through our website, the delivery time is 2 weeks. During the camping site peak season, June–August, the card can be acquired directly from a site. The temporary CKE card can be used immediately. The actual card is posted later to your home address with the period of validity, 2013, printed on it.

Camping Key Europe (CKE) replaces Camping Card Scandinavia (CCS)

Camping Key Europe card replaces the Camping Card Scandinavia card in Finland and the rest of Europe. The CCS card expired on 31 December 2011.

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