1.6.2018 - 31.8.2018

Tampere Lomakoti ja Leirintä Taulaniemi
Taulaniementie 357
Phone: (0)3 378 5753, (0)50 596 9243
WWW address

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”Space and chance to live a full life.”

Taulaniemi is a personal and cosy camping site. Weddings, birthday parties and concerts take place in the main building and in the courtyard. Nice pet animals for children, carved by the master of the house, are placed in the playing ground and by the nature path. Real farm animals, such as hens, cats, lambs and pigs can be caressed in the pens.

Camping cottages, all with a yard of their own, are situated close to the new toilet and shower building. The cottages are cosy and clean. Part of the cottages have a view to the lake, part of them are situated right next to the lake.

Our cottages and cabins:

Cabins (for 3 persons): 40-55 €/ day
electric heating, fridge

Well equipped camping cottages (for 4 - 8 persons): 80 - 155 € /day
mini-kitchen; fridge, cold water, dishes, coffee maker, micro wave oven

Holiday cottages (for 4 - 7 persons): 115 - 160 € /day
shower, toilet, mini kitchen, cold and hot water, fridge, dishes, coffee maker and microwave oven

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